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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is ScoliosisManager?

It is a project developed by ISICO that provides a free internet-based tool to assist clinicians in managing scoliosis rehabilitation. Scoliosis Manager works via the internet without the need for software to be installed on your PC. Users have access to data from any location connected to the internet.

2. How was ScoliosisManager created?

ISICO is one of the leading institutes in the world in the treatment of vertebral deformities, (Please go to scientific publications). Over the years, we developed a software for our centers where we track all of our activities related to the clinical treatment of vertebral deformities. From this initial software, we created ScoliosisManager to make it available to all interested scoliosis rehabilitation clinicians.

3. Why was ScoliosisManager made available worldwide on the internet?

In the world, there is a lack of education about rehabilitation for vertebral deformities. There is widespread use of inappropriate techniques never verified, braces not well prescribed and/or poorly constructed, and clinicians practicing without the necessary involvement of a team of qualified professionals.Internet is the 'knowledge tool' in today’s society, offering the opportunity to reach the largest possible number of people in the world to disseminate knowledge and information. Using the internet was a simple but revolutionary idea to impact the sharing of information and enhance the clinical approach to scoliosis.

Our software is open on the Internet for everyone, FREE!

4. Does using ScoliosisManager teach me how to treat scoliosis?

Absolutely not. But this software can help clinicians understand what should be avoided and can assist in making decisions about simple cases of scoliosis. Always, always remember that scoliosis is a very complex disease and serious cases must be managed by a specialist in scoliosis. No software is adequate to enable anyone to take charge of scoliosis cases. Before treating scoliosis, clinicians must be trained by attending proper education and collaborating with other skilled professionals. For example, the SOSORT criteria, developed by the leading international scientific Society for Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Treatment. SOSORT says that a physician is a specialist in scoliosis if it ensures the following requirements:

  • Training with a medical expert (i.e. a doctor with at least five years of experience in orthotic treatment) of at least two years
  • Assessment of at least four scoliosis patients per week (approximately 150 patients per year) over the past two years
  • At least two years of continuous practice in the orthotic treatment of scoliosis
  • Prescription of at least one brace per week (about 45 braces per year) over the past two years

5. What will I find in ScoliosisManager?

Currently in ScoliosisManager, you'll find our list of exercises we use at our ISICO clinics, a tool to define exercises plans for scoliosis and kyphosis and the rehabilitation evaluation form. The tool can be used also for patients with other pathologies, or for general exercise tracking. The medical evaluation tool is included too.
Please note that ScoliosisManager is still under development.

6. How do I use ScoliosisManager?

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